Planner Obsession

As long as I can remember I have loved paper, notebooks, pens and pencils. I received my first diary as a Christmas gift when I was 9 and I have kept a journal or planner even since.

pencil-918449_1280 copy

As I mentioned in My Story, I have always been a worrier. I needed structure and order in my life and being able to write down events, reminders, notes etc made me feel more in charge of my life.

I went through all the usually teenage dramas and poured my heart out in my journals, each of which was ritually burned at the end of the year. There was no way anyone – EVER – was going to read those things.

Now my planners are beautiful records of everyday happenings, trackers of habits, memories of lovely moments, and guidebooks for my business. I am definitely a planner girl and proud of it.


This is my Mini Happy Planner that goes everywhere with me.


My Erin Condren Life Planner sits on my desk to keep me on track each day. You can have a look inside it here.

And…………………this is the Kikki K A5 planner that I will be transitioning to for my business when the new financial year begins on July 1.

IMG_0951       IMG_0952

I found it in Kikki K online store at a discounted price. How could I resist?

I have started to make some pages for my planners which you can check out and download.

A5 Goal Tracker:

Here is the link.

A5 Goal Tracker

And some bookmarks too.   Click here.

Screenshot 2017-05-12 13.51.05 copy 2

If you choose to download them, please let me know. I’d love to see how you use them.

If you’d like to add some bling to your planner, what about this gorgeous little shoe?20161129141410_15802       Here’s the link to purchase it.





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