Simply put, having an organised space for living or working in, reduces stress.

The control freak in me says that having my home organised is akin to having my mind organised. To ease the chaos in my head, I need to clear up the chaos in my surroundings.  When my space is tidy, orderly and clean, I can relax and enjoy it.

That is not to say I need the place to be antiseptically clean – hospital like – I mean that I like to see clean surfaces, free of clutter, and able to be used as they are intended.

I have tried many different methods and routines for housekeeping over the years and I have found that the “do a little bit everyday” method works best for me, with a more in-depth clean scheduled in for each room at some stage during the month. That way I can keep on top of it. Happy happy.

We are in the process of building a new home at the moment so I have been through the huge declutter, toss, sell or pack phase. Now the pared down contents of our Queensland home stand (for the most part) in large boxes in the garage of our rented house ready for the day we move to the new place. I have no doubt there will be another declutter, sell or donate session as it is all unpacked and I decide that some of it doesn’t belong in my new surroundings.


I am on the look out for storage containers, baskets, micro fibre cloths, totes and trays that co-ordinate with the colour scheme of the new house. I am having an absolute ball at places like Howards Storage World and The Reject Shop.