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Let’s Get Those Kids Reading!

As a former teacher, literacy is a passion of mine. I believe that reading is a vital skill that must not be allowed to be overlooked in this fast-paced world.

I write stories for young readers aged 7 – 12 years. They are mainly mysteries with themes of friendship, resourcefulness, and curiosity. The characters are children with no super powers, just their own quick wits with which to confront difficult (and sometimes downright dangerous) situations.

The books are all available through Amazon (Links are attached to each image.) and through my websites. If you are in Australia it is best to order via my websites to avoid hefty shipping costs. International visitors would be better off using Amazon to buy the books.

Happy Reading!

Taya Bayliss – Treasure Hunter        

Taya is not happy that her family has moved from their home in the city to the tiny fishing village of Bascombe Bay.
She has only been in her new home for a few hours when she finds herself mixed up in a fifty year old mystery.
​She meets Mae, an elderly lady, who because of a long ago love, seems to hold the key to the treasure.
But is there really a treasure or is it all just a rumour?
​Two local boys certainly think the treasure is real. They spend their time stalking Mae in an attempt to make her lead them to it.
They soon turn their attention to Taya as well, making life difficult for her.
Taya is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery and to help Mae, but the clues don’t seem to add up.
Is the painting of the lighthouse a clue or is it merely a keepsake?
Taya Bayliss – Dog Sitter

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Taya Bayliss Books

Taya Bayliss – Dog Sitter

Taya volunteers to dog sit the mischievous Minette for the summer holidays.
​Minette’s sneaky ways bring a spate of neighbourhood robberies to Taya’s attention. Even the residents of the retirement village are noticing that things are going missing.
When Taya witnesses a hold-up at a local store, she thinks she can identify the thief. But is she on the right track or completely mistaken?
​​Join Taya and her friend, Chris, as they go in search of evidence, but find themselves in deadly danger before this mystery is solved.


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Taya Bayliss Books


Taya Bayliss – Code Breaker

The Bayliss family is on the move again, this time to Narralong, home of the famous Splinter Island Bird Sanctuary.
Taya’s father is there to investigate a change in the breeding habits of the local birds – or so he says.
Taya has a bad feeling about this trip and an injury to Chris seems to confirm her concerns.
A recurring dream, a series of lies and the discovery of a body on the beach lead Taya to suspect that her father is involved in something far more serious than he is saying.

​Taya’s relationship with her father is challenged in this environmental mystery.

CB copy 2

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Taya Bayliss – Snake Charmer

Spending the weekend at the Comino farm turns out to be far more scary than Taya has expected.
While planning a joint birthday party, she and Chris come across several interesting items in the attic, including a carpet python.
Snakes are definitely not Taya’s favourite creatures.
Taya thinks one of the items she has found could prove the innocence of Uncle George Comino who is in jail for theft.
Her persistence annoys Chris, but the hint of a mystery is irresistible to Taya.
If George didn’t steal the ruby cross, who did?
Who is Bryan?
Where is the cross now?
Taya has to face one of her greatest fears as she tries to put the clues together.
Could you charm a snake?

sn cover

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Taya Bayliss Books

Taya Bayliss – Tree Hugger

Do you believe in ghosts? Taya says she doesn’t, but there is something about Monahans’s Bend that is giving her the creeps.
Taya and her best friend, Chris, become environmental warriors when they set out to help Professor Monahan save a beautiful stretch of riverfront land from money-hungry property developers.
Will the big woolly dog, Minette, be a help or a hindrance as they search for an old document that could stop the development?


Cover Tree Hugger (1)

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Gummshoes – Mission #1: The Nobbled Numbskull

Frankie and Olly form the Gummshoe Gang to investigate weird goings-on at their school.
However,  they have an underlying agenda – to help kids who, like themselves, are the victims of teasing, tormenting and bullying.
Over the years the boys have developed methods of coping with the bullies at Carson Road School. They determine to teach these skills to younger students by bringing them into the Gummshoes.
Young readers aged 8-12 years will enjoy the fast-paced mini mysteries and learn ways to build self-confidence and feel better about themselves.

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Robin Rufflebum

The Tooth Fairy kingdom is a busy, busy place. There are lots of jobs to be done; collecting, polishing, recycling, soothing and sorting, to name but a few. So, what happens when a Tooth Fairy doesn’t like her job? Will Robin’s plans to change her life work out, or will everything go horribly wrong?

Robin cover

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