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What’s On My Desk.

Happy New Year! 

To start the new year, I thought I would show you my workspace.

As you know, my husband and I have recently moved into our new home. I have a little office on the ground floor. It is a lovely place for me to work. The walls are painted a soft grey (like the rest of the house) and the trims are white. There are French doors which open out onto a little courtyard – at least, they will one day when the retaining wall and courtyard have been completed. As I write this, I have a view of the rock wall and the upper level.


I have shelves along one wall, complete with television (The Big Bang Theory is my fave show.) and all my reference books. Can you see my broom in the corner? I think it is a Nimbus 2000. The teal baskets store everything from small books to things like hole punches, camera cables, and CDs


Then, there is a small work bench which carries my printer, paper trimmer, and laminator. Underneath (thankfully cut out of the photo because they are a bit messy looking) are my paper supplies. The whiteboard is where I scribble ideas for upcoming books and works in progress.  The Medal Muddle is the children’s book I am working on at the moment.

IMG_1140On the other wall are my desk and another table placed at right angles to it. I don’t like my desk to be too cluttered, so the extra table allows me to have everything I need close to hand but not crowding me. I always scribble paper and pens and pencils beside me to make quick notes that are later transferred to my planners.

My laptop is on the side table. I always back up my book files to the laptop so that a) I have an extra copy and b) so that I can have them with me when we travel.



Also on the side table are my Silhouette machine and my planners.

Mini Happy Planner: Gratitude Journal

Erin Condren Life Planner:  2017 Planner

Kikki K Gold:  This year’s daily planner

Kikki K Black and White:  Business planner

Mint:  Useful bits and pieces

Blog Planners x 2

The Kikki K ones are usually on the desk when I am working.


And finally I have my diffuser which sends delicious vapour through the office. Today it is providing calming whiffs of Balance Blend from Doterra.


My office space makes me fell serene and motivated. I love coming down here everyday.

There is room in the middle of the room for my yoga mat so I start my mornings in a positive and invigorating way.

I think having a work space that is comfortable, welcoming, and which holds things that appeal to your eye is most important for your productivity. My office provides comfort, invokes inspiration and motivation, and definitely makes me a more productive person.

It also makes me happy and that, to me, is the most important thing. If I am happy and smiling, I am calmer, less anxious, less reactive to negative stimuli. That is a huge positive for me.

I love my office. I hope you have enjoyed seeing it.







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