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Planned Calm with Yoga #1

Calming Pose #1:

Legs Up the Wall Pose (Viparita Karani)




This is a pose that allows the mind and body to relax. It is a passive posture that relieves stress and tension. It is a great pose for yoga newbies because it does not rely on too much strength or flexibility. I love this position. At the end of a busy day, ten minutes of Legs Up the Wall brings quiet to the mind and relaxation to the body – especially tired legs and feet.

Let’s Do It.

You are going to need your yoga mat, and a cushion or two. Sit near the wall and wriggle yourself around so that your hips are close to the wall.

Walk your feet up the wall until your body makes an L shape – a perfect 90 degrees is not necessary.

If you like, you can place a pillow under your head and/or your hips for comfort. Some people choose to do this pose lying on a bed with their legs up against the headboard.

Allow your arms to rest on your belly or out to the sides, whatever feels comfortable.

Try to stay in the position for at least 5 minutes. Breath deeply and slowly and let your mind wander.


(Thanks to Womens Health and Fitness Magazine)

Relaxation:   Lowered heart rate – lowers anxiety, stress – relieves insomnia.

Helps Venous Drainage: Increases circulation and soothes tired or swollen legs.

Stimulates and balances the adrenal glands and kidneys.

Stretches hamstrings and lower back.

Relieves lower back tightness.

Provides all the benefits of inversion without the effort – improves digestion, regulates blood pressure, helps move stuck fluids.

Note: This is not recommended for those suffering glaucoma or serious back or neck injuries.

Give it a go and let me know how it works for you.

Stay tuned for another Calming Yoga Pose next week.

Legal Disclaimer:  Before embarking on any fitness regimen you should consult your doctor for advice as to its suitability for your particular health concerns.


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