Out of Balance

Last week, on Tuesday, my husband and I visited our hopefully soon-to-be-completed house with the site manager for a walk through.

At one stage of the inspection it was necessary to walk across a plank to access the next floor – kind of like the balance beam in the Olympic Gymnastics. No problem right?gymnastics-583669_1920 copy

Well, let me tell you, I was a bit wobbly. I made it across but I surely wouldn’t have won any medals.

As is my habit, I thought about the incident for quite some time afterwards. Overthinking? Me? How unusual! 

Last week was also a jittery week for me. I was aware that I was winding up inside. My chest was tight. I was physically shaky. I was taking longer than usual to fall asleep. I was feeling on edge. Why? I have no idea, but it was happening. It was definitely happening.

I wondered whether emotional balance is connected to physical balance.

To test out my hypothesis I decided to track my ability to maintain the Tree Pose when doing my yoga practice.


On Tuesday last week I could barely manage ten seconds. As the week progressed my balance and my anxiety both remained wobbly. I still have no idea what has caused this spike on my Stress Meter. It could, I suppose, be the prospect of the upcoming move – although I am really looking forward to this one. I do have a doctor’s appointment this month – always freaks me out. I can’t pin it down no matter how much I over-analyse it.

Today I completed an entire minute in Tree Pose (on each leg) and I am feeling far more grounded.

Interesting, isn’t it? I found this article on the matter.

rock-2525787_1920 copy

I am going to continue to track my balance status compared with my jitter status just for my own information. I know I can work on strengthening my physical balance, maybe I can add strength to my emotional balance as well.

Stay tuned for updates. 


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