The A -Z of my Childhood – Why I turned out the Way I did.

 D is for Dogs

For all the dogs who have enriched my life by their presence, calmed my soul and touched my heart.

Candy (aka PooDog) – Boxer

Candy was the first dog I had the pleasure to have in my life.  

Dad assured us that she would never be allowed in the house, “Dogs belong outside!”, but that only lasted about fifteen minutes.  

Those big brown eyes won his heart immediately and he was her slave, just like the rest of us.  

Candy found my pregnancy with my son to be of great interest. She would shadow me around the house and, when I lay down for a nap, she would lie beside me with her head pressed up against my belly. The baby’s kicking surprised and delighted her. She would look at me with wonder in her eyes and yip with excitement. 

When the baby was brought home she was very protective of my “puppy”. She lay across the doorway of the nursery with a “None shall pass” look on her greying face. She loved nothing better than licking the baby’s tiny toes to make him giggle.

Candy lived to fine old age before diabetes led her to the Rainbow Bridge.

                                          Scan 23 Scan 22

Juno (aka The Great Skidoo) – Weimeraner/Boxer

Juno joined our family in 1985 so that my son would know the joys of having a dog.  

She was a dog of great presence, never allowing anyone who entered our home to feel lonely or unnoticed. 

Juno had a cast iron stomach and an adventurous nature. The combination led her to taste test many odd items. Bags of wheat germ, custard powder, foil wrap from Easter eggs, covers of record albums, potato skins, my lunch sandwiches (after carefully removing the plastic wrapping) and an array of lizards and assorted small creatures she found in the garden all were consumed by The Great Skidoo. Some were also thrown up on the lounge room carpet. Ick!

 Scan 25Scan 27

Valkirie (aka Bully) – Staffy/Cattle dog

Bully was a pound puppy.  She had been found in a bag by the river with her neck rubbed raw with rope burn.

She had an immense distrust of males. The only men she would allow near her were my son and, under duress, our lovely vet.

 She was extremely protective of us, her humans. 

Both Bully and Juno lived to be fifteen years of age.

Scan 26Scan 24

Heidi (aka HoHo) and Trudy (The Big Blonde Dog) – Labradoodle and Groodle 

These are our family fur kids now.  Mischief on paws.  Trudy even has her own blog.

The Big Blonde Dog

I feel so blessed to have had all these wonderful creatures in my life.  They have given so much and asked so little.  They have shared my happiness, my grief, my worries, my successes and my failures. They never care what I look like or what sort of mood I am in.  They just love me as their mum and my family as their family.

Dogs are a true blessing. I hope that you too have been fortunate enough to have had the pleasure and privilege of having a dog as part of your family. I would love to hear about your four-legged friends. Feel free to comment below.





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