Planner Love:

I love my planners. Working with them helps me to create the comfortable structure I like in my life. Planning my tasks, activities and events calms my mind and aids my productivity by drawing attention to my priorities. I am able to set my intention for each day and then relax as I work towards that intention.

Which Planner?

There are so many planners available these days, (How cool is that?) that it can be difficult to settle on just one.

For the last two years I have been using an Erin Condren Life Planner.

Planner copy

It lives on my desk and comes with me whenever I travel. I find it a little large to carry in my handbag so I have a smaller book that I carry in there. (I will talk about it in another post.)

The covers on this planner are changeable. You can switch them whenever the mood strikes you. They are laminated and quite sturdy and it is easy to clip them in and out of the spiral binder. The personalisation of the cover is an optional feature. With my purchase of the planner I received a voucher for an extra cover so I got this one. I now realise that I would rather have had it in my brand colours of black, white and teal. Oh well – lesson learned for next time. The message still resonates.




When purchasing the planner you are able to choose between a vertical layout or a horizontal one. I chose the horizontal layout because I liked the way it looked.


It gives me room to write full sentences as well plunk my stickers in for decoration. My handwriting is quite big and I really like how much space I have to write in.

The paper is great too – not flimsy at all. The ink from my gel pens does not soak through and cannot be seen from the other side of the page.

To start each month there is an inspirational quote and a double page spread calendar layout which allows me to drop in reminders of regular events, book sales, bill payments etc. There is also a goals reminder section at the side of the monthly spread.




Storage in the planner is provided by two pocket pages at the back of the book and a clear plastic zip lock sleeve. This is where I keep my stickers, brochures etc.
IMG_0962                                                  IMG_0963









Finally, there are several pages for notes and four sheets of stickers to complete the planner.


A visit to the Erin Condren website will reveal many delights in the form of sticker books, carry pouches for your planner, pens, and journaling cards to name but a few. I did buy a set of three coloured elastic straps that hold my planner closed with the added advantage that have a loop for holding my pen.

Shipping from USA to Australia was a little $$$ but I think the planner is worth it. I live in Tasmania and have to order most of my stationery from the mainland, so having to pay $$$ shipping is normal for me. This planner worked out to be of comparable cost to planners that I could buy here. I love my EC planner.

What planner are you using?

Please drop me a comment about your planner and how you are enjoying it.

Happy Planning!

tealowl  Erica


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