What Are You Worrying About?


I heard the questions often.

“Why are you stressing?”  

“What is there to worry about?”The problem was that I had no answers to the questions. Very often I had no idea what I was worrying over – everything – nothing – I was just worried. It dominated my life.

Generalised Anxiety Disorder:

Generalised Anxiety Disorder can be defined as excessive, unrealistic worry and tension even if there is little or nothing to cause the anxiety.

Most people worry about their family, their work, money, health etc., but their concern about these things does not get in the way of their everyday functioning. However people with GAD find that their worry about a particular event or situation is excessive. They find that they cannot control the worry and that the worry then pervades their daily life. This often results in physical, occupational and social difficulties as well as emotional distress.

Symptoms of GAD:

  • Muscle aches or tension
  • Problems sleeping
  • Feelings of panic, fear, uneasiness that last for months
  • Dizziness
  • Vision problems
  • Not being able to keep still or calm
  • Heart palpitations
  • Dry mouth
  • Cold or sweaty hands or feet
  • Numbness/tingling in hands & feet
  • Nausea


Moving Forward;

While it is normal and helpful to feel anxious, fearful or tense when one is in a threatening situation, if the feelings are constantly with you, you should see your doctor to talk about what is happening.

In my case, it was double vision that forced me to really think about what was happening with me. I thought I was handling all the upheaval of a relocation to a new state pretty well, until my eyes sent me a very clear message that all was definitely not well.

Now, with help from my doctor, understanding from my family, and my own research into what works for me, I am building my calm life.

If you live in Australia and need help with your anxiety, these organisations are there to assist you.

Beyond Blue

Black Dog Institute


How are you feeling today?




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