Welcome to Think, Obsess, Breathe.   

As an author, I was told that I HAD to have a blog.

I could see how having a blog might help build a fan base for an author of, say, romance or fantasy sci-fi stories, but I write children’s chapter books. No kid is going to be reading my blog.

So, I figured I would write for the mums, grandmothers, teachers etc of those kids. After all they are probably the ones buying the books anyway – right?

Everyone is so busy these days. Mental illness is on the rise (dramatically). People are stressed out, tired and overwhelmed by the sheer pace of their lives. Many struggle to find that quiet, comfortable place in which their mind can relax.

If you read My Story, you may see reflections of yourself there. I thought I had it all so together. I was wrong…and very wrong. I have had to reshape my thinking and my actions to calm my life.

It is not an easy process. Old habits are deeply embedded and take quite a bit of dislodging….but I am working on it.

T.O.B. is filled with ideas and strategies which will help you order and calm your mind, home, and workspace. Whether you have to deal with Anxiety Disorder as I do, or you have a super busy lifestyle and want to bring some order to the chaos, this is the place for you.


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